Very nice feature for the Exlorer

March 31, 2004
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Biztalk 2004 comes with a Explorer Extension. I Installed this feature and it is really handy to see what is installed.

Her is the link to the original document :

Speeding up Biztalk on your Laptop

March 29, 2004
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I have installed Biztalk 2004 on my laptop. And it works. It is not very speedy but ist works.

To speed up the processing i disabled all transactional functionality in SQL server by setting the transaction model to Simple. This makes it a little bit faster. First all my submissions gave a timeout but after setting the recorvery model in SQL to Simple it works fine.

Here is the query :


This will speed up almost every laptop running SQL Server.



GUID is not Always GOOD !!!!!!! (a true RTFM story)

A collegue of mine asked me some questions about a clustered index. He was preparing for a SQL Exam and he had trouble understaning some concepts. He had trouble with the concepts not because they were too difficult for him, but they were completely opposite to what he experienced in everyday programming life !!!!

To make a long story short.

A lot of programmers have a GUID as a Primary key.

In the Books online that come with SQL Server there is the following statement :

PRIMARY KEY constraints create clustered indexes automatically if no clustered index already exists on the table and a nonclustered index is not specified when you create the PRIMARY KEY constraint

So if there is no other index on a table, the primary key will be clustered. (so far nothing wrong) But if you have a GUID as a PK then let’s have a look at what the books online say about the UniqueIdentifier………

The uniqueidentifier data type has several disadvantages:

  1. The values are long and obscure. This makes them difficult for users to type correctly, and more difficult for users to remember.

  2. The values are random and cannot accept any patterns that may make them more meaningful to users.

  3. There is no way to determine the sequence in which uniqueidentifier values were generated. They are not suited for existing applications that depend on incrementing key values serially.

  4. At 16 bytes, the uniqueidentifier data type is relatively large compared to other data types such as 4-byte integers. This means indexes built using uniqueidentifier keys may be relatively slower than implementing the indexes using an int key. Consider using the IDENTITY property when global uniqueness is not necessary, or when having a serially incrementing key is desirable.

Besides That. There is also another Disadvantage on having a GUID as the primary key. The data type is relatively large……(also from the books online)

Wide keys , The key values from the clustered index are used by all nonclustered indexes as lookup keys and therefore are stored in each nonclustered index leaf entry.

So every record refers to it’s position in the table with the GUID. Since a guid is 16 bytes and an ID is 4 the index with the GUID is much larger and will there therefore be slower…..

Hope this is usefull for someone……




Gadgetman is right

March 14, 2004
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The Toshiba E800 is the Gadged of the century !.

It is the ideal remote control for all your computers.

If there was WIFI/BT everywhere and I could connect to a nice virtual PC, I would not need
my laptop anymore. Just a E800 and a port Extender. (With external VGA & USB).

In the screenshot I am doing something very important, edit my Tom & Jerry Collection in Pinnacle Studio.

Bye Patrick



Correlation & Biztalk 2004

Again a nice article by Mike Taulty about Correlation

Unfortunately the webservice part  is in C# but still a nice example

Database recovery met SQL Server / Biztalk

March 2, 2004
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Voor wie het leuk vindt kwam ik hier iets tegen.

Het Stukje gaat over database Recovery met SQL server. In principe is dit natuurlijk nooit nodig vandaar ook dat er zo weinig goed uitgewerkte recovery plans zijn voor SQL Server. Maar als je er dan eentje wilt zien kun je hier wel naar kijken.  Ook voor de Niet DBA-er geeft dit documentje een aardige indruk wat je allemaal geregeld moet hebben voordat je als DBA-er met een gerust hart op vakantie kan gaan…..

Daarnaast is het vandaag naturlijk ook de datum waarop Biztalk 2004 commercieel gaat. zie

NMA Kijk hier eens naar…….

Ik ga 4 maart verhuizen.
leuk zou je zeggen want je gaat naar een huis met een tuin en zo.
Dat is ook zo maar als echte IT die hard moet ik het ook een paar dagen zonder ADSL stellen.

Wat moet ik nu zonder Grabbit en Emule….

Dus ik zoeken naar een beetje ADSL aanbieding. Waarbij alles met een datalimiet meteen als
inferieur wordt aangemerkt. Em voila daar komt boven drijven……  DEMON.NL  voor 19 eurootjes alles perfect geregeld….

Alleen niet in voorschoten doorzoeken dus…..

Wel HEEL ERG TOEVALLIG dat ze allemaal 34 eurotjes kosten……


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