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Hi hi hi….. Convert Codesmith templates to Mygeneration templates

July 17, 2005 / Comments Off on Hi hi hi….. Convert Codesmith templates to Mygeneration templates

Sometimes you are forced to work with Codesmith. Cause there are templates built an all…. But now you can convert your codesmith templates to MyGeneration Templates. Have a look here…..



MyGeneration The next generation

July 13, 2005 / Comments Off on MyGeneration The next generation

Well everybody should know by now that I am a huge fan of the MyGeneration code generator.
The guys who created the excellent dOOdad architecture are now building Entityspaces.
Entityspaces has some very nice features !

Read some of the features here….

Also nice if you are intersted in databinding…. (see bottom)

Compiling .NET code on-the-fly

June 10, 2004 / Comments Off on Compiling .NET code on-the-fly

I Was looking for an ASP web control that looked like the Microsoft menu. See But then I stumbled into this very interesting article….

Sometimes it is useful to add some programmability to your projects, so that a user can change or add logic. This can be done with VBScript and the like, but what fun is that when .NET allows us to play with the compiler? Obviously, your compiled “script” is going to be much faster than interpreted VBScript or Jscript.

See the complete article Here

Gadgetman is right

March 14, 2004 / Comments Off on Gadgetman is right

The Toshiba E800 is the Gadged of the century !.

It is the ideal remote control for all your computers.

If there was WIFI/BT everywhere and I could connect to a nice virtual PC, I would not need
my laptop anymore. Just a E800 and a port Extender. (With external VGA & USB).

In the screenshot I am doing something very important, edit my Tom & Jerry Collection in Pinnacle Studio.

Bye Patrick



NMA Kijk hier eens naar…….

Ik ga 4 maart verhuizen.
leuk zou je zeggen want je gaat naar een huis met een tuin en zo.
Dat is ook zo maar als echte IT die hard moet ik het ook een paar dagen zonder ADSL stellen.

Wat moet ik nu zonder Grabbit en Emule….

Dus ik zoeken naar een beetje ADSL aanbieding. Waarbij alles met een datalimiet meteen als
inferieur wordt aangemerkt. Em voila daar komt boven drijven……  DEMON.NL  voor 19 eurootjes alles perfect geregeld….

Alleen niet in voorschoten doorzoeken dus…..

Wel HEEL ERG TOEVALLIG dat ze allemaal 34 eurotjes kosten……


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