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How many lines of code is that ?

Well found it somewhere (don’t know where) but just wanted to keep the numbers it in case people refer to BizTalk as just another xml processor…

  1. Visual Studio 2005: 7.5 million lines
  2. SQL Server 2005: 3 million lines
  3. BizTalk Server: 2 million lines
  4. Visual Studio Team System: 1.7 million lines
  5. Windows Presentation Foundation: 900K lines
  6. Windows Sharepoint Services: 750K lines
  7. Expression Interactive Designer: 250K lines
  8. Sharepoint Portal Server: 200K lines
  9. Content Management Server: 100K lines

Ahhhh dont jou just love that…………

January 7, 2006 / Comments Off on Ahhhh dont jou just love that…………

Sometimes you have a kind of gut feeling about something…..

And this time I found the right thing to justify what I have always been thinking…..

Have a look at this hyperlink

And tell me how long the list of vulnerabillities is of the Linux/Firefox stuff compared to the list of MS.
For sure you could make the list of vulnerabillities of a MS Windows system much longer….

Just install apache and Firefox on it !




Google isn’t as good as I thought……

December 22, 2005 / Comments Off on Google isn’t as good as I thought……

Well you know if you need anything from the web, you use Google, at least until now…….  ( GoogGle is a Kind of Search GOD…. If you don’t know the Hyperlink, ask GOD ) I was looking for a product named Checkpoint. This product is manufactured by OABSOFT. It is a nice TomTom Navigator add on that warns you when you are near a Speed camera.So I started my google session and typed the magic words…..

No link whatsoever to the real thing. ( GOD didn’t know the answer this time ) If you follow the links you will not end up at the site where you can download the stuff. But I knew it really existed so I tried MSN search for a change….

BINGO, first entry is what i was looking for……. And even more interesting, MSN search has two different links, while google hast the same link twice…. and also I wonder why GOOGLE didn’t find it cause what I was looking for was almost the link name. Just adding some dots would have made the link almost complete….

Usually when you don’t find what you need, you will retype the search prhase… And this is exactly what google wants, tuning all GooGle users so they will type stuff that GooGle can find. I Guess it should be the other way around. I type styff and GooGle should find it. Until now I thougt some things just couldn’t be found. But from now on I will try MSN search in that case and is MSN consistently outperforms GooGle I think I will switch….


Later I noticed a nice lookup option +Site builder and the option "links to" : so I typed and Bingo MSN found two. When I entered this same search in GooGle … Nothing…. Even searching on gives me my own blog in MSN ( I don’t look in "links to") and nothing in GooGle


Supereasy way of putting stuff into the GAC

December 22, 2005 / Comments Off on Supereasy way of putting stuff into the GAC


As a bizTalk consultant you have to use the GAC a lot, I used to start a VS2003 commandprompt and browse to the folder containg the file and then use gacutil, or just drag the file into the WindowsAssembly folder. There is an easier way of doing things. How about Right click on a file and have the option Add to GAC……

Have a read here of how to do this. (just adding some registry entries)

Early VS2005 RTM Experiences and Corrupted Project files

November 25, 2005 / Comments Off on Early VS2005 RTM Experiences and Corrupted Project files

I am playing around with BizTalk Beta2.

For this i needed SQL 2005 and Studio 2005 RTM versions. I was creating a project and worked on it for a while. When i tried to compile it i got all kind of compilation errors. This is certeinly strange since the compilation errors were in my Orchestration ?? When i double clicked on the compilation error i got a window showing me the code of the orchestration. This is really strange since this window should NEVER show up.

I was beginning to worry that the BizTalk Beta 2 was really bad, but then i moved the project to a local hard disk and everything worked well…. So i really don’t know if it’s the BizTalk stuff or the VS2005 stuff that’s corrupting my projects when they are on a share……

But strange it is…..

I think i will develop on my local hard disk from now on….


Sharepoint Excluded path’s are not really excluded

November 1, 2005 / Comments Off on Sharepoint Excluded path’s are not really excluded

I have generated a Webservice for a BizTalk Orchestration I have. The idea was to post an Infopath form to the web service and then have BizTalk sort out the rest and come back with a response


 Everything worked fine when I tested it with WebService Studio. No problem whatsoever…. The problem was that whenever the webservice was invoked from an Infopath form pointing to the web service on the server,  I got the following error after  entering the location of the WSDL  Data Connection Wizard :




The file is not a valid XML file


The file is not a valid XML document.


Illegal qualified name character.


  Line 1,  Position 2.



I found the solution to my problem. The Windows Server 2003 machine was also hosting Sharepoint Services.  Even though I had configured my web services folder on the IIS Default Web to be


excluded from Sharepoint management, somehow Sharepoint was still interfering with the Infopath Data Connection Wizard.  I added another Web Site on the server with a different port number and used it to serve my web services and now Infopath can connect to them via the Data Connection Wixard.


Whooooo…. Watch out with the latest MS Security Patches……

Watch out with the latest Security patches from MS (they messed up my machine pretty bad)

Today I was poking around on my BizTalk 2006 machine (windows server 2003) and was looking at some web service functionality…For some reason I had to open the HAT ( for the people who don’t know it is the Health And Activity Tracking Tool from BizTalk (2004 and 2006) ) and i just wanted to look at some tracking data …… Everything worked fine yesterday but today I got all kind of script errors… oNavCtrl errors etc… Lots of grey screens showing script error messages…… Hmm I looked a littlebit around with some sysinternals stuff (they make brilliant stuff) but even that showed no problems whatsoever….

Ok i decided to go to Windows Update and see if that fixes something…..

Hey WHAT THE F..K……. my windows update was broken as well….. Everything looked fine but the two buttons with express / custom weren’t showing….. So i could do nothing with it….

I poked a littlebit more in  my system and decided to DE-Install some of the MS security patches…..

The patches I de-installed were :


and guess what……Everything is working again…. I thought that windows updates were safe by now and it is the first time since years that something like this happens…..But i am going to be more cautious about installing MS_Updates in the future………….


Finally got the BizTalk FTP adapter running smooth and fast….(sigh)

October 18, 2005 / Comments Off on Finally got the BizTalk FTP adapter running smooth and fast….(sigh)

At a customers site we use a BizTalk orchestration and dynamic send ports to deliver documents to a remote FTP site.
Everything worked without problems only the FTP deliveries were VERY slow….

It looked as if there was a gap of approximately 5 seconds between every FTP connection. And the delivery itself would take less
then a second. I tried almost everything to see if the problem was BizTalk related but as soon as I send the documents to another server, everything
was fast. So the problem was most liekly in the VPN connection.

Somebody wrote a small .Net FTP application that would mimic the BizTalk behaviour.  And this test app was very fast as well…..
Finally I used the combination of Netmon to capture the frames and Etherreal to anylise the output to figure this one out…..

Screenshot of the Slow delivery :

As you can see BizTalk send a Quit command at 13:15:27, and the next connection made to the FTP Server was made at 13:15:31 (Titan FTP server xxyyzz Ready).
So between every send there was a time gap of approx 4 to 5 seconds…..
in between you see some yellow NBNS name queries that are the bottleneck. I really don’t know what these NBNS queries are but I thought the BizTalk Server is trying to resolve
the IP address to a name, this doesn’t succeed, so BizTalk tries again and fails again. Then BizTalk decided it cannot get this information and continues to send the data anyway.
( I guess BizTalk needs this data for reporting purposes somewhere. )

Once I obtained a MS-Certificate about MS-TCPIP (a long time ago) and  remembered that a lot of name resolution stuff could be resolved by modifying the HOSTS file. So this is what i did.
I modified the host file of the BizTalk server and added the TCP/IP address and name of the Target FTP site.

Screenshot of the Fast delivery :

As you can see the QUIT is send at 13:56:36 and the new connection is set up at 13:56:36 (Titan FTP server xxyyzz Ready).  So now there was no time gap inbetween two sends. And the
problem was solved. The FTP is now just as fast as on the local network.

I think it is strange that BizTalk will try to resolve the IP address to a host name regardless of the FTP adress entered. (The FTP Adress enetered is an IP adress).
Lotsa tools that do FTP don’t show this strange behaviour. So if you experience the same problem of very low FTP trougput, have a look at netmon to see if you experience the
same problem…..



Best BizTalk 2006 Feature Yet !!!!!

August 26, 2005 / Comments Off on Best BizTalk 2006 Feature Yet !!!!!

Forget about failed message routing and all that new fancy stuff….

Now with 2006 if you double-click on a functoid you are presented with the input Parameters Panel. In 2004 you had to select the functoid, go to the properties and then you could edit the input paraneters, now a double click is enough….

I like this !

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