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Media Center Rocks !

November 2, 2004 / Comments Off on Media Center Rocks !

Well something else this time…..

I got a Media Center Remote last week so I tried an install of Mediacenter on my Media PC. My Media PC is hooked up with a SPDIF (optical cable) to my DVD player so I can get nice Dolby Surround with the movies I watch with the PC.

The remote from media center makes everyting a lot easier then before and navigating is MCE is very easy. I gave the remote to my Girlfriend and didn’t got it back for a few hours. Before I knew it, she was uploading all her favorite CD’s into the Media Center PC.

But there was one problem. Since I use SPDIF the remote control couldn’t manage my volume. SPDIF is a digital signal and doesn’t have volume control on it. So as happy as I was, there was a new problem. I had to use the DVD remote control to operate standby and volume on my DVD and the MCE remote control for the rest.

But I found out that the MCE remote was a programmable remote. I looked around on the internet and found the manual of the remote. I reprogrammed the volume buttons and the standby of my DVD and could do away with the remote of my DVD player.

The programmable buttons (only three buttons can be programmed) were EXACTLY what I needed. How many times do you see a product that meets 100% of the customers need.

I can only say Bravo Microsoft !!!!!!!!!!!


The Users from hell

September 16, 2004 / Comments Off on The Users from hell

Well we are all talking about coding standars and stuff like that. I found a VERY intresting part on the internet about quantifying users. I think this is equally important as coding standards.

read the article here

I guess we all know a “Post Turtle Manager“


Important to know when building scalable .NET applications

All, Just to let you know below some more information on building scalable .NET applications

a performance killer is the CLR build mode being used.. almost every .net app runs in the “workstation build” mode instead of server build.  (even microsoft apps like reporting server)

The difference is that besides the Garbage Collection impact, the workstation mode dll will only use 1.5 – 2 cpu’s versus all available 8,16 or 32 cpu’s

basically blocking serious throughput. (we have seen apps that after we forced it to run in server mode, the throughput went up by a factor 3x..)

Easy check to see in what mode it runs, is to check which dll the app is using :
when it runs in the workstation CLR mode , it is recognisable by the usage of MSCORWKS.DLL , the server clr uses MSCORSVR.DLL.

( A utility like – Process Explorer will show it quickly and also which threads a truly doing some work within the app)

click here to see how to enable Server Build mode

Click here to see how this setting affects the number of processors

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