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Microsoft offers lots of free E-Learning Courses

March 27, 2007 / Comments Off on Microsoft offers lots of free E-Learning Courses

Besides the fact that you can test trive MS technology on their virtual machines >>LINK<< MS offers llots of training material for their technology as well. Follow this link >>LINK<< to find out more.

They also have loads of interesting video’s available about ASP.NET >>LINK<<

Test drive almost any MS technology on their virtual machines

March 25, 2007 / Comments Off on Test drive almost any MS technology on their virtual machines

Sometimes fellow consultants want to learn more about for example MS BizTalk. It’s a lot of work to set up a BizTalk machine and sometimes people don’t have that time. You can get access to a complete already set up BizTalk Machine via MS. They have special built VM set up and you can run lab’s on them so you can test drive the technology you are interested in. They have Labs set up for:

  • BizTalk

  • Team System

  • SQL

  • ASP (1.0/2.0)

  • And lots more……..

If you are a few hours idle or want to learn for example something about BizTalk it’s extremely usefull to walk through some of the labs.

Go to the Virtual Labs Site now by clicking this link >>VirtualLabs<<


Getting a copy of a DLL that’s only in the GAC

July 11, 2006 / Comments Off on Getting a copy of a DLL that’s only in the GAC

Ok probably there is a simpeler way of doing this but i googled for it and couldn’t find it. So here is the story.

I needed a specific DLL that was placed in the GAC by the install of BizTalk. I needed the DLL cause I needed to ad a reference in my C# project. If anybody knows how to add a Reference to a DLL tha’s in the GAC I’ll be interested as well.

But I couldn’t find a way to do it so I needed a copy of that dll.

So you use explorer and Browse to the GAC.


But you can’t make a copy of it, You can see all the details and stuff but you cannot copy it. But if you open a Command prompt and go to the same directory stuff looks different….


And for sure when you go to the correct directory you can get the underlying DLL.


There are probably easier ways of doing this but I thought I share this method of doing it.


MyGeneration keeps doing it…. See the successor of dOOdads in action


A lot of people know I really like dOOdads from mygeneration. It’s an easy and flexible way of generating an excellent data tier. ‘The tier is FAST and very flexible.

But now they have something new, it’s called EntitySpaces. And as with dOOdads they have a complete set of templates that goes with the new data layer.

First have a look at what it generates…..

Click on this link here :

This site is completely generated, NO HAND CODING WAS DONE.

If you like that then go to their website : and have a look at their new product. Spend some time with it and see if you like it.

Their new data tier is even more spectacular then dOOdads, How does executing the same code against a SQL, Acces, MySql or ORACLE database sounds ?… Well Entityspaces delivers that functionality.

Some people don’t like stored procedures and think everything should be dynamic SQL. Well those people are served as well as the entityspaces provider model supports Stored procedures and dynamic SQL.

It’s quite new and features are added almost everyday. Just to tell you where they stand they are working on LINQ and Hierarchical support.

Have a look at their TEAM BLOG at regular intervals to see how they are doing…..


Getting up to speed With MyGeneration. (MyGeneration QuickStart Guide)

Ok I already blogged a lot about MyGeneration.

Yesterday I gave a demo to several people and promised those people I would post a link to the quickstart guide. So here is the link. Too bad I had so little time to explain everything.

I didn’t had time to show the incredible MyMeta engine, Didn’t had time to talk about the SUCCESSOR of dOOdad,  EntitySpaces (here is the link). Completely targeted towards Whidbey and ADO 2.0. Didn’t had time to mention the Templates that will generate a complete asp webapp….Men I could have talked for hours…….

But unfortunately we had several presentations. And they were ineteresting too…. Learned a lot about improving XML processing speed.

And to everybody who didn’t saw the presentation, I say. Go on, download MyGeneration, give the quickstart a look, try it out and you are hooked.

Good luck and happy coding

The best text search I ever saw…..

Ì was looking for a real good text search because the Microsoft Search just wasn’t good enough. I came up with InfoRapid.

Inforapid is a search tool that will display all you search results in a html like browser. If you click on a word in that browser, it will start another search to the word you cliked on. Handy if you want to trackback something to it’s true origin. The word you looked for will be highlighted in red. Clicking on the red word will open the containing file in a text based viewer. Clicking on any word in the opened docuemnt will start another search on that word. How beautifull.

below is a screenshot of this incredible usefull tool……

Got confused about Strings

I read somewhere on this site the do’s and dont’s about strings…Because I use the + a lot I did run some tests….If you have a construct like this :

Eventlogentry = New Eventlogentry(“There was a failure executing receive location “ +  config.locationname + “. Please review the configuration“)

It doesn’t matter  what you use cause it is only a single instance. You will see only a difference between string.format, string.concat and + if you do a zillion operations.

But remember this is only true if you only instantiate the resultstring. If you are adding to a string within a loop, use the stringbuilder.

Here are some timings :

Concat took        :660.9504
++++++ took        :650.936
Stringbuilder took :1432.0592
String format took :1071.5408

The size of the strings could have imact.  I did one million iterations and the difference between the stuff is minimal. So frankly if you use it only to construct a string to display somewhere… don’t bother use whatevber you like best.

If you”re in a loop use the stringbuilder !

The code I used to produce these timings is in a reply on this post

The killer patent for O/R Mappers

May 19, 2005 / Comments Off on The killer patent for O/R Mappers

Frans Bouma pinted me to this patent. Here you can see someone got a patent on O/R Mapping…..
Does this mean we have to pay next time we use LLBLgen ? ( besides paying to LLBLgen ).

I really wouldn’t know.

Luckily for me the dOOdad architecture that comes with MyGeneration (come on guys how many times must Iblog about it before you give it a try) isn’t an O/R Mapper at all. It’s just plain old C# or VB.

I don’t really care about these Patents cause O/R mappers don’t really perform on larger tables.


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