xs:int and xs:integer, what’s the difference….

By patrickwellink
February 8, 2011
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I am busy creating schema’s and exposing them as a web service.
I always generate a client and try to post some messages and this time I was again surprised by BizTalk. (or should I say XML).
When creating a schema you can chose several types for an element. Some of these are xs:int and xs:integer.
I noticed these two before but didn’t bother too much.
But now for the first time I see there is a clear difference in the way stuff is treated by .Net. Below is a screenshot of a node with the type xs:integer.

I also have some regular elements of type xs:int. Below is a screenshot of that.

Now after I generated the WCF service for this schema, I imported the WSDL into VS 2005 and I was quite surprised to see what intellisense did to these elements in visual studio :

 So intellisense showed me it was actually a string !… And the other node of type xs:int was the .Net type I expected to see.

So what did I learn today, to stay away from xs:integer and use xs:int instead.
Hope this will help someone in the future, if it does, leave a comment


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