No longer Copy Local That Biztalk Reference !!!!!!!

January 25, 2010 / Comments Off on No longer Copy Local That Biztalk Reference !!!!!!!

On monday 19 january I gave a presentation to the dutch BizTalk User Group (BTUG) about he BizTalk Best Practices. The Best Practices are a set of components, a loosly coupled architecture and a software factory that supports the components and the architecture.

The presentation went very well and for sure I had to demo something. And while i was demoing i had a lot of trouble with the references. Normally i don’t have these problems during a demo cause then i build the complete solution in about half an hour. (including deployment & stuff). But this time I had only 10 minutes to demo, so i had set up some stuff (and tested) in pre set up projects….

But then i got red circles everywhere in my orchestrations. This was cause by the problem described excellent in this post : “Copy Local That BizTalk Reference” by Pim Waaijenberg.

Then today I read my rss feeds in BlogLines (great web based reader) feeds and there I saw this post : Hotfix for BizTalk 2009 and Visual Studio 2008 issues released.

So it seems my demo came just a few days too early…(or this fix was a few days too late !).

Anyway it seems the problemis solved.


I saw my BizTalk Collegue Jean Paul Smit already blogged about this. He was not able to sit through the whole BTUG meeting so i don’t know if he saw me with this problem. He has a nice entry about it explaing what is solved. Have a read of his post here :

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