The truth about Dynamic SQL and Stored Procedures….

By patrickwellink
January 7, 2008
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Well I am not going to say what’s better or what I prefer, but I can only give my view of things.

What everybody seems to forget is that an external person with very good understanding of SQL (commonly know as a DBA) can solve performance problems when stored procedures are used.
And I totally agree that Stored Procedures are overkill for most of the the simple CRUD functionality. So I am not going to start a debate about that.

But just one question for all those who are against stored procedures.

What if the generated dynamic SQL performs bad. If a SPROC was used a SQL DBA could have tuned the query.
And by tuning I don’t mean adding some indexes, but maybe cursor’s / memory tables / views / CLR etc. Just to get the results in the fastest possible way.

How would you do this with dynamic SQL ??

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