How to prepare for the BizTalk 2006 Exam. (70-235)

By patrickwellink
October 25, 2007
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Well at first I started with the Testking exam. After completing the Real exam I can tell that it was a real waste of money.
The questions were completely different and in the testking exams BAM is only touched where in the real exam there where quite some questions about BAM.

Ok now … how to prepare for this exam.

  1. Create a nice BizTalk solution

  2. Make sure you use party resolution in this solution

  3. Make sure you use correlation in it.

  4. Send a message to a webservice that require authentication.

  5. Use a business rule with a database fact.

  6. Use business rules that assert and retract

  7. make sure you deploy the solution

  8. Run messaages through it.

  9. See what happens if the orchestrations are not started.

  10. See what happens if the Rules are not deployed.

  11. Remeber the name of each tool you use

  12. Know the stages of the pipelines

  13. Finally Create a BAM view in Excel

  14. Deploy the BAM View and deploy the tracking profile

  15. See if it works in the BAM WebSite

  16. Now modify the BAM view Slightly

  17. Update the BAM view

  18. See if it works with the modified View in the BAM WebSite

  19. Try to do some BAMMING with continuations.

  20. Know your persistency points

Sometimes you are really asked of the name how a thing is called inside the designer. So you should remember them. What’s the name of the BAM function (you know where you export and defina activities). What is the actual name of the place where you defina a correlation Type / Set etc.


I passed mine today. And I am happy with it.


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