Beware of default settings in WCF.

 I use bloglines ( to monitor several BizTalk related blogs.

First of all, I saw a post of Jesus Rodriguez about some SOA Tips.Via his blog I ended up at the blog of David Pallman. Now this guys has some interesting tips on WCF.

WCF Tips #1 - Service Interface Design
WCF Tips #2 - Service Class Design
WCF Tips #3 - Service Hosting
WCF Tips #4 - Configuration
WCF Tips #5 - Infrastructure
WCF Tips #6 - Instrumentation
WCF Tips #7 - Clients

I believe it was the next day, I read something from Tomas Restrepo about the same David Pallman and him stressing the importance of tip 4 (WCF Tips #4 - Configuration). So I read a little about those defaults and understood the problems that they could cause.

And this morning I found a post about just this topic. Its a post from Tim Rayburn and has to do with serializing a huge XML file. Have a read of the article here. The defaults provided by svcutil were just not good enough for him. So he is in a way proving the point of Tomas.