Is there going to be a next version of BizTalk.

By patrickwellink
March 26, 2007
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Well sometimes you hear things you don’t like, I got an email from someody stating that BizTalk would cease to exist within the next couple of years, since functionality of the .Net 3.0 framwork takes over part of what BizTalk does.

Well this is only partly true. And for sure BT will use WCF and depricate some of its old adapters, and probably BizTalk will act as a host for WorkFlow besides WAS and IIS.

But for people wanting to know more have a look at slide 53 of the presenation in this post. It’s a very good presentation about SOA / WCF /WF / BizTalk. It has some sheets when to use what (slide 23) and also there is some usefull info about SOA itself and when to use the technologies mentioned.

Click >>here<< to see the blog entry that has the presentation in it.

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