Choosing the Right Microsoft Integration Technology

By patrickwellink
December 1, 2006
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Ok there is a great post out there explaining some of the decisions. Have a read of the original post. for sure I agree with lot’s of the stuff mentioned. But I do disagree on some points.

When you read this paper keep in mind that this paper is mostly limeted to communicating between MS-Platforms. Sure there are other methods discussed (HIS, FTP) but I don’t see other queing systems then MSMQ. I dont know what you would have to do when you have to use another queing system like WebSphere MQ.

This document is tightly focussed on MS technology and focussed on possible communications between those technology stacks but what if another technology is used ?

I guess BizTalk would boil up as one of the better choices in many scenarios.







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