Getting an image from an orchestration the easy way…..

By patrickwellink
November 22, 2006

Ok I have seen several possibillities on the internet to get the image of an orchestration. But I think I have the easies method yet…..

First install the Excellent SDC BizTalk documentor ( If you are a BizTokkie and you haven’t seen it yet give it a try you will be pleasantly suprized ). It will document your entire BizTalk solution complete with Business Rules, orchestration images, Maps etc. You will end up with a CHM file that cointains the entire solution. Very handy and usefull.

If you are having problems running the Docuemntor, have a read of this post by Edward Smit Getting the UK SDC Documentor to run, it has something to do with the temp settings and setting the path to the xlangview.dll.

Once you have the CHM simply use HTMLHelp and decompile the CHM file, you will end up with a bunch of JPEG files that are images of your orchestrations. You can simply use these for documentation purposes.


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  1. Patrick Wellink says:

    Yep I saw that one too, but then i had a problem. I use 2004…….
    and i guess it doesn’t work for 2004 the method I described works regardlessly of the version you are using…..

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