Mapping Elements with the NIL attribute set in BizTalk 2004

By patrickwellink
July 28, 2006
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Mapping in BizTalk can be quite complex. Specially when you need to map elements that have the attribute NILLABLE set to true. If you have to copy the nillable attribute BizTalk doesn’t behave as expected.

Below is a screenshot of an input document that have the nil attribute set.


Below is a screenshot of the map that I used.


For the first field I used the Mass Copy functoid and for the second field I just connected the both nodes as you would normally do. This will lead to the following results.


As you can see the NIL attribute for the field mapped with the MassCopy functoid is retained. And the NILL attribute for the field that was connected without any functoid is lost. It creates an empty element wich is something different then NIL.

In BizTalk 2006 you can just draw the line and it will map the nill if it is set. So in BizTalk 2006 there is no additional action required. But in BizTalk 2004 the Mass Copy functoid can come in handy to solve this problem for Nillable fields


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