Getting all the schema’s from BizTalk in Excel

By patrickwellink
July 27, 2006
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Currently I am working on a projects with lot’s of schema’s. And we have had some unpredictalbe results when we tried to send messages.

We had very strange error’s like “Pipeline components not found”, Terminated send’s and stuff like that. Typically stuff you don’t expect.

After some digging around it became clear lot’s of these problems were caused by schemas with the same namespace and rootname.

You can see this very good in the HAT, but since we have a lot of schema’s i needed a copy of that data so I can do stuff with it in Excel. But unfortunalty you cannot copy stuff from the grid in the HAT.

So I got the SQL profiler up and running to see how the HAT got it’s data. And presot there is a Stored procedure you can run to get the list.

exec admdta_GetSchemaRoots

Execute this sproc in the BizTalkMGMTDB and you will get the list in the Query analyzer wich allows you to copy the data.

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