MyGeneration keeps doing it…. See the successor of dOOdads in action

By patrickwellink
July 10, 2006


A lot of people know I really like dOOdads from mygeneration. It’s an easy and flexible way of generating an excellent data tier. ‘The tier is FAST and very flexible.

But now they have something new, it’s called EntitySpaces. And as with dOOdads they have a complete set of templates that goes with the new data layer.

First have a look at what it generates…..

Click on this link here :

This site is completely generated, NO HAND CODING WAS DONE.

If you like that then go to their website : and have a look at their new product. Spend some time with it and see if you like it.

Their new data tier is even more spectacular then dOOdads, How does executing the same code against a SQL, Acces, MySql or ORACLE database sounds ?… Well Entityspaces delivers that functionality.

Some people don’t like stored procedures and think everything should be dynamic SQL. Well those people are served as well as the entityspaces provider model supports Stored procedures and dynamic SQL.

It’s quite new and features are added almost everyday. Just to tell you where they stand they are working on LINQ and Hierarchical support.

Have a look at their TEAM BLOG at regular intervals to see how they are doing…..


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  1. Patrick Wellink says:

    You are partially correct,

    With EntitySpaces you have typed collections and you can use them design time.
    So add the named columns to the grid.

    Furthermore the hierarchial support is will be quite nice

    but i do agree with yoy that doodads is in no way obsolete and still is a very powerfull data tier

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