Inserts with guids have become faster… (in SQL2005 that is)

By patrickwellink
April 28, 2006


I am not a real fan of the GUID datatyoe in SQL server cause some people will create clustered indexes on them and then start to insert thousands of records, Next they will start complaining SQL isn’t fast at all.
(Wich is about the same as putting a Caravan behind a Formula 1 car and then complain it won’t do 300MPH on the straight…….)

But there is something new now in SQL 2005.

Have a read and see that insert performance has increased. ->

Since he is using NewSequetialID insert performance will be ok if it’s a clustered index…..

This post is related to the old discussion about –> GUID is not always good ( a true Read the &*%^&%^& Manual story)

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  1. Patrick Wellink says:


    I guess it will corner quite bad with the basis of the caravan dangeling behind it….

    I don’t know which is heavier … caravan basis / F1 car…

    Well let’s give Top Gear a call…..

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