See how MyGeneration is doing on The Code Project Poll

By patrickwellink
April 27, 2006


Everybody knows I am a fan of MyGeneration and their  dOOdad architecture. It really Rocks and beats the competition.
There is a poll running on .

Follow this link to see how MyGeneration compares to others. Click here —> <— 

Ah….. and for the sceptics amongst us, read the comments on the poll……..

There is a little discussion going on there between Mike Griffin (Mygeneration) and Frans Bouma (llblgen) and Frans want’s
to find out how MyGeneration is able to run the same Compiled code against a MySql / Oracle / MS SQL database. well have a read and see for yourself…..


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  1. Nathan J Pledger says:

    I’m a CodeSmith man myself, prefer the control and simplicity. Can’t be doing with code generators getting in the way of my code, but accept that they are very useful. CodeSmith fits my bill perfectly – if a little slow ont he loading/unloading, but I put that squarely down to .NET

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