Inserts with guids have become faster… (in SQL2005 that is)


I am not a real fan of the GUID datatyoe in SQL server cause some people will create clustered indexes on them and then start to insert thousands of records, Next they will start complaining SQL isn’t fast at all.
(Wich is about the same as putting a Caravan behind a Formula 1 car and then complain it won’t do 300MPH on the straight…….)

But there is something new now in SQL 2005.

Have a read and see that insert performance has increased. ->

Since he is using NewSequetialID insert performance will be ok if it’s a clustered index…..

This post is related to the old discussion about –> GUID is not always good ( a true Read the &*%^&%^& Manual story)

See how MyGeneration is doing on The Code Project Poll


Everybody knows I am a fan of MyGeneration and their  dOOdad architecture. It really Rocks and beats the competition.
There is a poll running on .

Follow this link to see how MyGeneration compares to others. Click here —> <— 

Ah….. and for the sceptics amongst us, read the comments on the poll……..

There is a little discussion going on there between Mike Griffin (Mygeneration) and Frans Bouma (llblgen) and Frans want’s
to find out how MyGeneration is able to run the same Compiled code against a MySql / Oracle / MS SQL database. well have a read and see for yourself…..


Virtual Beertender II

April 17, 2006 / Comments Off on Virtual Beertender II

Since it was mentioned on the blog once again, I thought I should share with you the new and completely updated Virtual Beertender II.

Go and see it here :

If the webmaster wants to moderate,  he can delete this entry, But I think once in a while you should mention funny stuff. And since the Virtual Beertender was mentioned here : , I thought I should mention there is a update available……

The first post about the Virtual Beertender was here :

Well hope it gives you guys a laugh……..



What the #^%#$%$#%$….. I HATE YAHOO TOOLBAR !!!!!! (IT’S A VIRUS)

April 15, 2006 / Comments Off on What the #^%#$%$#%$….. I HATE YAHOO TOOLBAR !!!!!! (IT’S A VIRUS)

Today I upgraded FLASH on my PC and as a result I got that VIRUS alike Yahoo Toolbar back on my system…..

I would hope VISTA has a way to defend your system against these viruses…. Yes I call it a virus. I don’t want it installed, yet when i look it is back just because some MORONS (yes I call them that) have that #&*^%#*&^%*$*&%&$% check box checked whenever you install a piece of software.

I really don’t mind putting handy programs into one big installer, but leave the option if I want it installed unchecked…..

Furthermore you would think it’s only a problem in the windows World. No…… Also on Linux I have this problem….

Does anybody out there know how to prevent the Yahoo toolbar from beeing installed…..

I really think it’s a virus……. No not a harmful virus.. but a still a virus, there is no way you can defend against it…….Please Mr Norton / BitDefender / BullGuard mark this piece of crap as a virus, or give me a way to mark it as a virus……




Have your Business objects generated in 6 minutes !


I am a great fan of MyGeneration and really love the DOODAD architecture. I always mentioned it was very easy to use and you would generate a complete DAL in minutes. in 6 minutes to be precise. Don’t believe me, have a look at this link  and see it really takes 6 minutes to generate a complete DAL.

I am still using Mygeneration in my everyday projects and must say that once I started with it, I am a lot more productive.

Nicer templates are becoming available everyday, so now it’s possible to generate various Web Pages / Windows Forms for data entry. (they al use DOODADS as the DAL).

Besides DOODADS there is also support for NHIBERNATE and various other types of data access. Really worth to have a look at it.

Also worth mentioning is the EntitySpaces project. The guys from MyGeneration have cooked up some new datalayer called Entityspaces. This product is getting more professional by the day and is specifically targeted to .Net 2.0. Go and have a look at that as well here is the link :

Some of the highlights are :

The EntitySpaces architecture for .NET is a new architecture for the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework. The EntitySpaces architecture is database independent. The data providers are loosely coupled to your application and allow you to use the same compiled code to access a whole host of databases.


  • Serialization
  • Simple, yet powerful, dynamic queries
  • Saving via stored procedures or dynamic SQL
  • Two different transaction models
  • Design time data binding
  • Generated and custom class isolation
  • Generated from your database schema

  Coming Soon:

  • Hierarchical support
  • .NET remoting




Did you ever heard of BITVAULT ?

April 4, 2006 / Comments Off on Did you ever heard of BITVAULT ?

Well soon there will be a new MS product, I Googled for it and came up with this …

a content-addressable retention platform for large volume of reference data – seldom-changing information that needs to be retained for a long period of time. BitVault uses “smart brick” as the building block to lower the hardware cost. However, the challenges are to maintain low management cost in a system that needs to scale all the way from one brick to tens of thousands of bricks, to ensure reliability and to deliver with a simple enough design. Our design incorporates P2P technologies for its self-managing and self-healing capabilities and uses massively parallel repair to reduce vulnerability window of data loss. The simplicity of the architecture relies on an eventu-ally reliable membership service provided by a perfect one-hop DHT (distributed hash table), and its object-driven repair model yields last-copy recall guarantee: independent of how many other failures that may occur and their sequences, as long as the last copy of a data object still remains in the system, the data can be retrieved and its replication degree fully restored. A proto-type has been implemented. Theoretical analysis, simulations and experiments are conducted to validate the design of BitVault.


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