Google isn’t as good as I thought……

By patrickwellink
December 22, 2005
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Well you know if you need anything from the web, you use Google, at least until now…….  ( GoogGle is a Kind of Search GOD…. If you don’t know the Hyperlink, ask GOD ) I was looking for a product named Checkpoint. This product is manufactured by OABSOFT. It is a nice TomTom Navigator add on that warns you when you are near a Speed camera.So I started my google session and typed the magic words…..

No link whatsoever to the real thing. ( GOD didn’t know the answer this time ) If you follow the links you will not end up at the site where you can download the stuff. But I knew it really existed so I tried MSN search for a change….

BINGO, first entry is what i was looking for……. And even more interesting, MSN search has two different links, while google hast the same link twice…. and also I wonder why GOOGLE didn’t find it cause what I was looking for was almost the link name. Just adding some dots would have made the link almost complete….

Usually when you don’t find what you need, you will retype the search prhase… And this is exactly what google wants, tuning all GooGle users so they will type stuff that GooGle can find. I Guess it should be the other way around. I type styff and GooGle should find it. Until now I thougt some things just couldn’t be found. But from now on I will try MSN search in that case and is MSN consistently outperforms GooGle I think I will switch….


Later I noticed a nice lookup option +Site builder and the option "links to" : so I typed and Bingo MSN found two. When I entered this same search in GooGle … Nothing…. Even searching on gives me my own blog in MSN ( I don’t look in "links to") and nothing in GooGle


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