Early VS2005 RTM Experiences and Corrupted Project files

November 25, 2005 / Comments Off on Early VS2005 RTM Experiences and Corrupted Project files

I am playing around with BizTalk Beta2.

For this i needed SQL 2005 and Studio 2005 RTM versions. I was creating a project and worked on it for a while. When i tried to compile it i got all kind of compilation errors. This is certeinly strange since the compilation errors were in my Orchestration ?? When i double clicked on the compilation error i got a window showing me the code of the orchestration. This is really strange since this window should NEVER show up.

I was beginning to worry that the BizTalk Beta 2 was really bad, but then i moved the project to a local hard disk and everything worked well…. So i really don’t know if it’s the BizTalk stuff or the VS2005 stuff that’s corrupting my projects when they are on a share……

But strange it is…..

I think i will develop on my local hard disk from now on….


Sharepoint Excluded path’s are not really excluded

November 1, 2005 / Comments Off on Sharepoint Excluded path’s are not really excluded

I have generated a Webservice for a BizTalk Orchestration I have. The idea was to post an Infopath form to the web service and then have BizTalk sort out the rest and come back with a response


 Everything worked fine when I tested it with WebService Studio. No problem whatsoever…. The problem was that whenever the webservice was invoked from an Infopath form pointing to the web service on the server,  I got the following error after  entering the location of the WSDL  Data Connection Wizard :




The file is not a valid XML file


The file is not a valid XML document.


Illegal qualified name character.


  Line 1,  Position 2.



I found the solution to my problem. The Windows Server 2003 machine was also hosting Sharepoint Services.  Even though I had configured my web services folder on the IIS Default Web to be


excluded from Sharepoint management, somehow Sharepoint was still interfering with the Infopath Data Connection Wizard.  I added another Web Site on the server with a different port number and used it to serve my web services and now Infopath can connect to them via the Data Connection Wixard.


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