Whooooo…. Watch out with the latest MS Security Patches……

By patrickwellink
October 20, 2005

Watch out with the latest Security patches from MS (they messed up my machine pretty bad)

Today I was poking around on my BizTalk 2006 machine (windows server 2003) and was looking at some web service functionality…For some reason I had to open the HAT ( for the people who don’t know it is the Health And Activity Tracking Tool from BizTalk (2004 and 2006) ) and i just wanted to look at some tracking data …… Everything worked fine yesterday but today I got all kind of script errors… oNavCtrl errors etc… Lots of grey screens showing script error messages…… Hmm I looked a littlebit around with some sysinternals stuff (they make brilliant stuff) but even that showed no problems whatsoever….

Ok i decided to go to Windows Update and see if that fixes something…..

Hey WHAT THE F..K……. my windows update was broken as well….. Everything looked fine but the two buttons with express / custom weren’t showing….. So i could do nothing with it….

I poked a littlebit more in  my system and decided to DE-Install some of the MS security patches…..

The patches I de-installed were :


and guess what……Everything is working again…. I thought that windows updates were safe by now and it is the first time since years that something like this happens…..But i am going to be more cautious about installing MS_Updates in the future………….


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  1. Nathan J Pledger says:

    I’ve found repeatedly that the security patches are not tested sufficiently and one in particular screws ASP.NET up.

    So I just have a vanilla SP2 platform.

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