BizTalk 2006 BeTa (My first (Positive) experiences)

By patrickwellink
August 18, 2005
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Well as we all know I have created the SPX II Adapter. I was really curious if everything would work fine for BizTalk 2006. So I installed evrything on a Windows 2003 Machine.

The BizTalk install was quite lengthy due to all the prerequisites but everything worked in the end.

I unzipped the SPXII adapter I Downloaded from GotDotnet and ran the install. No problem whatsoever. Everything was installed without any problems.

Then I loaded the demonstration project that is included and compiled it in Studio 2005. No problem whatsoever. Deploy to BizTalk succeded as well.

Then I attached the datebase included in the test project and imported the bindings… I had to look a little while where the bindings where hidden but after clicking around a littlebit i found that out as well.

I created an application moved the orchestrations and the ports into that application. Everything worked fine.

And then the big moment, starting the ports and the orchestrations…..

And everything worked !

So this was my first evaluation of BizTalk 2006… And it was very positive (after i set the timezone to GMT + 0)






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