Can we do something about the Bloggingabout Homepage

By patrickwellink
August 9, 2005

Can we do something about it ???

I think it is usefull to hav ethe list of bloggers again (like the old one)

next can the list on the left be different from the one on the right ?

For example the left list with the most recent posts and the right with the most viewed posts ?

In the past i directed people to BloggingAbout.Net but those people are now complaining they cannot find everything anymore…..

Let’s say you need something from Jan Schreuder…. How do you get to his posts from the BloggingAbout Homepage……

If it’s possible please fix this……..



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  1. Hehehehe, I forgot about that one. Noticed it later, but I expect Patrick to pick up the code and develop a nice solution! 🙂

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