Best BizTalk 2006 Feature Yet !!!!!

August 26, 2005 / Comments Off on Best BizTalk 2006 Feature Yet !!!!!

Forget about failed message routing and all that new fancy stuff….

Now with 2006 if you double-click on a functoid you are presented with the input Parameters Panel. In 2004 you had to select the functoid, go to the properties and then you could edit the input paraneters, now a double click is enough….

I like this !

Infix Postfix Troubles importing a flatfile schema into BizTalk

August 25, 2005 / Comments Off on Infix Postfix Troubles importing a flatfile schema into BizTalk

I was looking at BizTalk 2006 and had great expectensies from the FlatFile wizard.

It turns out to be a downer, it was a while ago since i woorked with CSV files but it turns out that the FlatFile Schema Wizard only supports one row of data. If you have more records seperated with linefeeds the trouble begins.

Then you have to kow everything about Infix, Postfix etc. I have used it in the past but forgot the trick for a real CSV file.

Luckily I found this excellent post about importing a flatfile in BizTalk


Microsoft Tests its software on an industrial scale.

A while ago I posted this already but the link got lost. So here is the link again.

read this article to see how Microsofts tests whidbey.

Some key points :

  • 105,000  Test Cases
  • 505,000  Test Scenario’s
  • 1.4 testers for every 1 developer

On the bottom of the article there is a very nice link of how MS handles bugs etc.

 I also think this is why MS will always have an advantage over open source stuff…. The open source stuff just doesn’t have these test facillities…..

Save Tracked Messages to where they came from

August 23, 2005 / Comments Off on Save Tracked Messages to where they came from

Every BizTalker has seen it happen sometime…

You end up with 1000 orchestrations and you have to kill them all. There is only one thing you can do…. Save the tracked messages  to a directory, and then rename them one by one and resubmit them again. (after killing the orchestrations first)

This is a very tedious job and will greatly affect your current RSI status…..

Therefore I developed a little tool, it will read the context messages and construct a copy command from the context property. It will copy the file back to where it came from.

You can download the little tool here

WMI programming (Found a great helper)

August 23, 2005 / Comments Off on WMI programming (Found a great helper)

Have a read on this article if you ever have to program WMI.

Although it is aBiztalk related post the WMI class generator works for every WMI class.

I had to delete a massive amount of BizTalk Service instances and generated a class for the BizTalk Service instances in minutes
within half anhour I had the BizTalkServiceInstanceDeletor running.

With the class generator you don’t have to shy away from WMI programming. In fact it makes it all very easy.


BizTalk 2006 BeTa (My first (Positive) experiences)

August 18, 2005 / Comments Off on BizTalk 2006 BeTa (My first (Positive) experiences)

Well as we all know I have created the SPX II Adapter. I was really curious if everything would work fine for BizTalk 2006. So I installed evrything on a Windows 2003 Machine.

The BizTalk install was quite lengthy due to all the prerequisites but everything worked in the end.

I unzipped the SPXII adapter I Downloaded from GotDotnet and ran the install. No problem whatsoever. Everything was installed without any problems.

Then I loaded the demonstration project that is included and compiled it in Studio 2005. No problem whatsoever. Deploy to BizTalk succeded as well.

Then I attached the datebase included in the test project and imported the bindings… I had to look a little while where the bindings where hidden but after clicking around a littlebit i found that out as well.

I created an application moved the orchestrations and the ports into that application. Everything worked fine.

And then the big moment, starting the ports and the orchestrations…..

And everything worked !

So this was my first evaluation of BizTalk 2006… And it was very positive (after i set the timezone to GMT + 0)






Yukon and Paging (Finally)

Ok we probably all had the problem once that we had to build a Grid and a pager in an ASP.WEB site. Now Yukon finally supports paging through data.
I had a look at it in the Yukon CTP and I am almost impressed. (it should have been there in the first release of SQL server 6.5)

Here is how it works :


And Presto we have a pager ……..

Can we do something about the Bloggingabout Homepage

Can we do something about it ???

I think it is usefull to hav ethe list of bloggers again (like the old one)

next can the list on the left be different from the one on the right ?

For example the left list with the most recent posts and the right with the most viewed posts ?

In the past i directed people to BloggingAbout.Net but those people are now complaining they cannot find everything anymore…..

Let’s say you need something from Jan Schreuder…. How do you get to his posts from the BloggingAbout Homepage……

If it’s possible please fix this……..



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