Always create Multiple hosts with BizTalk

By patrickwellink
July 21, 2005
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Ok when you install BizTalk on a machine you get one default host.

Let’s say you use that host for SQL / FTP / FILE and orchestrations. Now if a lot of files are dumped into the default instance BizTalk will start throtteling the default host. This has impact on all the recieve adapters that use the default host.

Actually all inbound messages will be paused untill BizTalk decides that it will throttle no more….

So during throtheling all receive functionality is temporarely disabled. How unfortunate if you are waiting on a message to finish a correlation on something. By assigning every adapter it’s own host, you will ensure that SQL HOST will keep on running smoothly when the FILE Host is throtteling it’s inbound messages.

So always create several hosts….. I suggest to create at least 3 hosts. 

  • an Orchestration Host
  • a File Host
  • Other Adapters Host (SQL, FTP, etc.)


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