Getting up to speed With MyGeneration. (MyGeneration QuickStart Guide)

By patrickwellink
July 1, 2005

Ok I already blogged a lot about MyGeneration.

Yesterday I gave a demo to several people and promised those people I would post a link to the quickstart guide. So here is the link. Too bad I had so little time to explain everything.

I didn’t had time to show the incredible MyMeta engine, Didn’t had time to talk about the SUCCESSOR of dOOdad,  EntitySpaces (here is the link). Completely targeted towards Whidbey and ADO 2.0. Didn’t had time to mention the Templates that will generate a complete asp webapp….Men I could have talked for hours…….

But unfortunately we had several presentations. And they were ineteresting too…. Learned a lot about improving XML processing speed.

And to everybody who didn’t saw the presentation, I say. Go on, download MyGeneration, give the quickstart a look, try it out and you are hooked.

Good luck and happy coding

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  1. Mike Griffin says:

    We’ll have 1:n and n:m in EntitySpaces which is now underway 😉

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