Sorting XML Nodes with the BizTalk Mapper

By patrickwellink
June 22, 2005
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I didn’t Know it was this easy…. This is a little story about sorting nodes in a XML Document. Let’s say we have a schema that looks like the one below

To see the actual XML file I used click here. Let’s say you want to sort the ‘AdresGegevens’ node on ‘Adres’ and then on ‘Postcode’. How do we do that with BizTalk ? As usual, once you know the trick with BizTalk it’s easy…..

Ok we start the BizTalk Mapper and we create a map that looks like this….

I use the mass copy functoid because there is no logic at all and all the nodes are the same. I only want to sort the ‘ZakelijkAdres’ node.
Then we start to edit the Scripting Functoid parameters, for this sample the screen looks like the one below

And we are done with it. If you select ‘Validate Map’ and click on the produced output you will see the generated XSL for the complete map and you can see that this little piece of XSL is included in the complete map.


If you want to see the sorted output click here

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