SPX II Has been released.

By patrickwellink
June 17, 2005

Ok BizTalkers…..

Maybe you never used it, but version II of the SPX adapter is out. Go and get it here  from gotdotnet. Just to remind you all of the advanages of the SPXII adapter I will sum them up again.

  • Transaction level is adjustable. So if you select none it will be very fast. (impossible in the MS adapter)

  • Caching of parameters is now optional. If you enable caching it will be even faster..(impossible in the MS adapter)

  • Improved receive/send location editing.

  • Possible to use passthru on sends. Makes it really fast..

  • you CAN ppromote properties in the schema’s (impossible in the MS adapter)

Are there any disadvantages then ??? well there are some points to take into account…

  • The SPX II adapter uses only integrated security

  • You can only execute stored procedures

  • The sproc must select something (use FMTONLY ON if there is no data to return )

The SPXII runs in a production environment for months now without any problem. So it’s really realiable.

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  1. mcable says:

    Hello Patrick,

    I am intrigued by your adapter, but am having a problem trying to generate a schema with it. When I try to generate the schema using the “Add Adapter Wizard” after selecting “SPX” and clicking “Next”, I get the following error:

    “Unable to obtain service organization from the adapter.
    Value cannot be null.
    Paramter name: stream”

    I’m assuming the code is based upon the sample file adapter in the SDK and is just looking for the CategorySchema.xml file. I’m not sure where to place it though, and this is truly the solution. Let me know.


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