What the …. CLS Compliancy ( VB Got it right all the time )

By patrickwellink
June 8, 2005

Ok, I am not the most experienced programmer around, But this weekend I started with VS2005. I started with converting my old VB.NET project and converted it to VS2005.

No problem whatsoever. everything seemed fine……

But then I hit the F5 Button to run my project. I was a bit disappointed. I got all kind of CLS compliency errors. I never bothered about CLS compliency but now I have to. So I started reading about it……

Then on this hyperlink Ifound the following text…..

Characters and casing
All CLS-compliant language compilers must follow the rules of Annex 7 of Technical Report 15 of the Unicode Standard 3.0, which governs the set of characters that can start and be included in identifiers. This standard is available at www.unicode.org/unicode/reports/tr15/tr15-18.html.

For two identifiers to be considered distinct, they must differ by more than just their case.


Does this mean that VB got it right all the time ?. In VB it was impossible to have two variables that would differ only in ther casing.

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