The best text search I ever saw…..

By patrickwellink
May 31, 2005

Ì was looking for a real good text search because the Microsoft Search just wasn’t good enough. I came up with InfoRapid.

Inforapid is a search tool that will display all you search results in a html like browser. If you click on a word in that browser, it will start another search to the word you cliked on. Handy if you want to trackback something to it’s true origin. The word you looked for will be highlighted in red. Clicking on the red word will open the containing file in a text based viewer. Clicking on any word in the opened docuemnt will start another search on that word. How beautifull.

below is a screenshot of this incredible usefull tool……

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  1. ernst says:

    Nice one, Patrick!

    It’s bl**dy fast indeed. I used to use Windows Grep but I’ll be using InfoRapid S&R from now on!

    Hint: post a download URL…

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