BizTalk Persistency points and performance

By patrickwellink
May 12, 2005
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We all know BizTalk is a pretty powerfull system. Sometimes however the performance of a BizTalk application can be a littlebit slow.

This has to do with the fact that SQL server is doing all the work. One of the heavier operations is a persistency point. During a persistency point the complete state of an orhcestration is saved into the SQL server database. This can be a time consuming task. Depending on the size of the orchestration and the size of the messages.

In a blog I recently found ( click here to follow the link ) they talk about the performance counters that you need to monitor.

In order to really tell when a persistence point occurs in an orchestration you’ll have to attach your debugger to the BizTalk process and count calls to Context.RootService.Commit or count calls to the bts_InsertDynamicStateInfo_<hostname> stored procedure using the SQL Server profiler.

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