BizTalk Messages from scratch…

By patrickwellink
May 12, 2005
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We all know the problem when you have to instantiate a message from scratch. we do something like :

xmlDoc.LoadXml(“<ns0:BizTalkSampleS3 xmlns:ns0=”http://BizTalkSample.Schemas.BizTalkSampleS3″><SomeElement></SomeElement></ns0:BizTalkSampleS3>”);

someMsg = xmlDoc;

Scott Colestock has an excellent article of how to handle this in a better way. He uses “embedded Resources” to solve this problem.

I really like the solution. I recently ran into embedded resources when i was looking for a good way to install a database on a server. I then ran into this MicroSoft article. With this article I was able to generate a complete script from my database, embed it as a resource and run it. I only had to do minor modifications and split the complete script after every GO and execute the resulting SQL snippet.


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