The best text search I ever saw…..

Ì was looking for a real good text search because the Microsoft Search just wasn’t good enough. I came up with InfoRapid.

Inforapid is a search tool that will display all you search results in a html like browser. If you click on a word in that browser, it will start another search to the word you cliked on. Handy if you want to trackback something to it’s true origin. The word you looked for will be highlighted in red. Clicking on the red word will open the containing file in a text based viewer. Clicking on any word in the opened docuemnt will start another search on that word. How beautifull.

below is a screenshot of this incredible usefull tool……

Got confused about Strings

I read somewhere on this site the do’s and dont’s about strings…Because I use the + a lot I did run some tests….If you have a construct like this :

Eventlogentry = New Eventlogentry(“There was a failure executing receive location “ +  config.locationname + “. Please review the configuration“)

It doesn’t matter  what you use cause it is only a single instance. You will see only a difference between string.format, string.concat and + if you do a zillion operations.

But remember this is only true if you only instantiate the resultstring. If you are adding to a string within a loop, use the stringbuilder.

Here are some timings :

Concat took        :660.9504
++++++ took        :650.936
Stringbuilder took :1432.0592
String format took :1071.5408

The size of the strings could have imact.  I did one million iterations and the difference between the stuff is minimal. So frankly if you use it only to construct a string to display somewhere… don’t bother use whatevber you like best.

If you”re in a loop use the stringbuilder !

The code I used to produce these timings is in a reply on this post

EVERY BizTalker should join this Group.

May 20, 2005 / Comments Off on EVERY BizTalker should join this Group.

A post on Scott WoodGate’s Blog pointed to a sharepoint site. Join this group. To read the document you must join the group. I urge every Biztalker to do so. There are some pretty good documents in there.

The docuemnt I first interested in was  BizTalk Server 2006 Adapter Enhancements.doc but then I saw bizTalk-2004-reviewers-guide.doc could be intereseting and the document BizTalk Server 2006 Setup and Migration.doc would definitely be interesting.

So there is a lot to read and learn there, that’s why i think every BizTalker should join the site…..

The killer patent for O/R Mappers

May 19, 2005 / Comments Off on The killer patent for O/R Mappers

Frans Bouma pinted me to this patent. Here you can see someone got a patent on O/R Mapping…..
Does this mean we have to pay next time we use LLBLgen ? ( besides paying to LLBLgen ).

I really wouldn’t know.

Luckily for me the dOOdad architecture that comes with MyGeneration (come on guys how many times must Iblog about it before you give it a try) isn’t an O/R Mapper at all. It’s just plain old C# or VB.

I don’t really care about these Patents cause O/R mappers don’t really perform on larger tables.


HashTables are a bunch of nonordered objects reordering themselves to chaos

Ok as a VB programmer I was used to collections instead of Hashtables….Today I used a hashtable cause i thought a hashtable was almost the same as a collection.

I also thought the HashTable was the C# equivalent of a collection, So I started a nice VB project….

ms.Add(“key3”, Nothing)
For Each key As String In

This produced :


So the order in the hashtable NOT the order they were added to the hashtable….
I think I stick to the collection…..

Dim ms As New Collection
ms.Add(“key3”, “key3”)
ms.Add(“key2”, “key2”)
ms.Add(“key1”, “key1”)
For x As Integer = 1 To



btw what is the real equivalent of a collection in C#…..come on give a reply and help me on my way…..

BizTalk Messages from scratch…

May 12, 2005 / Comments Off on BizTalk Messages from scratch…

We all know the problem when you have to instantiate a message from scratch. we do something like :

xmlDoc.LoadXml(“<ns0:BizTalkSampleS3 xmlns:ns0=”http://BizTalkSample.Schemas.BizTalkSampleS3″><SomeElement></SomeElement></ns0:BizTalkSampleS3>”);

someMsg = xmlDoc;

Scott Colestock has an excellent article of how to handle this in a better way. He uses “embedded Resources” to solve this problem.

I really like the solution. I recently ran into embedded resources when i was looking for a good way to install a database on a server. I then ran into this MicroSoft article. With this article I was able to generate a complete script from my database, embed it as a resource and run it. I only had to do minor modifications and split the complete script after every GO and execute the resulting SQL snippet.


BizTalk Persistency points and performance

May 12, 2005 / Comments Off on BizTalk Persistency points and performance

We all know BizTalk is a pretty powerfull system. Sometimes however the performance of a BizTalk application can be a littlebit slow.

This has to do with the fact that SQL server is doing all the work. One of the heavier operations is a persistency point. During a persistency point the complete state of an orhcestration is saved into the SQL server database. This can be a time consuming task. Depending on the size of the orchestration and the size of the messages.

In a blog I recently found ( click here to follow the link ) they talk about the performance counters that you need to monitor.

In order to really tell when a persistence point occurs in an orchestration you’ll have to attach your debugger to the BizTalk process and count calls to Context.RootService.Commit or count calls to the bts_InsertDynamicStateInfo_<hostname> stored procedure using the SQL Server profiler.

A lot of BizTalk Whitepapers

May 11, 2005 / Comments Off on A lot of BizTalk Whitepapers

Ok on GotDotNet there is an excellent article. It links to most of the important whitepapers produced by MicroSoft and various partners.

Go read it here

Below is an excerpt from the article :

Additional BizTalk Server 2004 Information

Request For Quotation Scenario – Collaborate on a working sample scenario in an open GotDotNet workspace!Request Broker Scenario – Collaborate on the latest sample scenario from the BizTalk Server team!

The Latest BizTalk Server 2004 White Papers

Writing Effective BizTalk Server Adapters
Implementing UAN on BizTalk Server 2004 to Integrate Siebel and SAP
Enterprise Integration Patterns with BizTalk Server 2004
BizTalk Server 2004 Adapters: A Developer’s Guide
Walkthrough for Creating a Batch File Deployment to Deploy BizTalk Server 2004 Orchestrations
BizTalk Server 2004 Performance Characteristics
BizTalk Server 2004 Technical Deployment Guide for Security
The Role of Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) in Business Process Integration

Accelerators for BizTalk Server 2004

Access our forums, Message Boards, Workspaces,and Samples

BizTalk Server Accelerators: HL7 White Papers

BizTalk Server 2004 Business Activity Monitoring for HL7 Processing
Temporal Sequencing of HL7 2X (ER7) Encoded Messages
Achieving Interoperability with HL7 V3XML Standards Using BizTalk Server 2004 and BizTalk Accelerator for HL7
Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 Management Pack Guide

BizTalk Server Accelerators: HIPAA White Papers

XML Processing of Inbound X12 997 in BizTalk Server 2004 and BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAAv3.0

BizTalk Server Accelerators: RosettaNet White Papers

Integrating BizTalk Server with the RosettaNet Implementation Framework

The Latest BizTalk Server 2002 White Papers: MQSeries

BizTalk Server 2002 Disaster Recovery Planning
BizTalk Server 2002 Interoperability
Implementing a Custom Post-Processor for Data Conversion

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