Never reinstall a BizTalk adapter to a different location

By patrickwellink
April 25, 2005
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Last week I had some problems with a specific BizTalk adapter. I Installed an adapter, then I uninstalled the adapter. And I Reinstalled it to a different location.
From that moment on I had problems with the specific adapter.

It seems that when you uninstall an adapter (but not remove it from the registered adapters) and reinstall it again, the physical location on disk is remembered in the the BizTalkMGMTdb.

The content of the field inboundassemblypath in the table adm_adapter was C:Program FilesLogicaCMGEventlog Adapter InstallerEVTReceiveAdapter.dll

I am not really sure what this means but I think  you should Install adapters always in the same directory on every BizTalk machine. The funny thing here is that all of the “out of the box” adapters don’t have this field. I guess that when you have multiple BizTalk Servers running on one messagebox, all the custom adapters should have the same directroy.

I just thought let’s share this with the community cause it caused me some problems….

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