Data Access Application Block Support….

By patrickwellink
March 17, 2005


If you don’t like the dOOdad architecture, you can use MyGeneration to generate Stored Procedures and a complete DAL that make use of the Data Access Application Block in VB.Net or C# that use the more classic approach.

have a look here at the DAAB architecture.

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  1. Patrick Wellink says:

    Oh…. I forgot one thing…

    Once the dOOdad Project is included you have to select the database driver you want….

    Do this by setting Compile to true..

    So if you want MS-SQL set the compile option of :



    To True….

    Oh and you will need a config file as well….

    But you can see that in the samples

    and last but not least don’t forget to set the settings correct for language and database….

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