Awesome Screen Generation….. (part Two)

By patrickwellink
March 15, 2005

Yep I know, i shouldn’t scream so much…….
but did you know you can generate entry screens as well with myGeneration ????

Oh yes and they work !!!!!

Please click the link and investigate it, maybe it is something we can use ……

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  1. Mike Griffin says:

    The beauty of MyGeneration is that if we don’t have the template you are looking for it is quite easy to write your own. You pick the template language, VBScript, JScript, C# or VB.NET.

    Suppose we don’t have a template that will generate a screen directly from a Table, simply, go hand write a screen that does just that, then take it and make a template out of it. The effort pays off big time, and if you share you help others …

    Also, you can swipe code from other templates …

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