Rad Race I don’t Get it, Please help…..

By patrickwellink
January 26, 2005

Ok, I have some thoughts about the RAD race……

I always thought that the .Net framework was one of the best, easisest (when using Vb.Net), fastets, most reliable framework around.

I also thought that Java People’s most important tool was NotePad ( yes a top MS Product), this prooved to be correct….

I also thought that we could beat those Oracle Guys by miles, because, according to the Sales Material of MS Visual Studio, it is the fastest developing tool around….

So some questions I don’t know the answer to :

1. Is there something like a nice Designer tool for .Net that will generate code like Oracle Designer..
2. Do we have any experience with it……. and why not…..
3. Was there EVER a kind of investigation if a Codegen tool would be usefull to us (and thus to the customer)

See… I hate to be in the loosers corner….. and those Oracle Guys Kicked some serious MS-Ass, I believe we were only a little bit more successfull then the Java Guys….

Do I ( a true MS-SQL Believer) have to switch to the Oracle camp now ?????? or are we gonna kick some ass next year with a lightning fast codegenerator ( equal in functionality to Oracle Designer).

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  1. Patrick Wellink says:

    Well Borg NEVER assimilated the human species completely…….

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