BizTalk Adapter Wizard problems….

By patrickwellink
December 23, 2004
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I Have some problems with the BizTalk Adapter Wizard.

Let me explain…..I try to make a receive adapter and have found some problems with the Adapter Wizard. It has to do with the batches. On some point there is a the following lines

While (NrOfMessages < SPXAdapterProperties.BatchSize And Not Me._manageEndpoints.TerminateCalled)
< some code here>
End While

Ok let me explain :

SPXAdapterProperties.BatchSize is 20
NrOfMessages = 0 ( is only increased if we really receive a message but in my case we received nothing)

Then if I stop the receive location I would expect something happening to “Me._manageEndpoints.TerminateCalled“ like it was set to True but this is not the case.

I Start my receive location, but I Don’t receive any messages. I Stop the Receive location and the Adapter is stuck into this loop.

The only way of getting out of this loop is to stop BTS. But it will take ages then. Is there anybody out there that has similar problems with the Adapter Wizard




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