One advantage of MS over Open Source

By patrickwellink
December 16, 2004

A lot of people will probably not agree with me but I think the quality of MS products is pretty good. If you want to know how serious Microsoft is about quality have a read of this article. It will give you some insight in the testings of Whidbey and als makes clear what testing on an industrial scale is.

Whidbey is just an example. I guess they have these test scenarios for every product. Can you Imagine how many testing is ging on at MS ?.

My guess is that Microsoft will move on and will continue to be a leader in the IT industry for decades to come. I don’t think the open source community can make such an investment in new products. That’s why Microsoft will continue to be a leader and the ‘Open Source field’ will be a follower at best…. If they can keep up with Microsoft’s current pace……


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  1. Patrick Wellink says:

    Dennis you are Wrong……

    XBOX is Much… Much more than a PS2.

    because the XBOX is a Media Center Extender as well.

    This means that if you have a Media Center PC somewhere in the house you can enyou all the digital media on it everywhere in the house via an XBOX.

    This is a pretty cheap solution cause a xbox is under 200 Euro’s.

    For example some people have Digital TV. The problem with that is if you have more televisions you will buy more receivers.

    Now by connection the Receiver to the media center pc you can wacht the digital channel everywhere where there’s an XBOX.

    I Believe a Media Center PC can serve up to 5 Media Extenders Simultaniously.

    So Record once and look everywhere where there’s an XBOX.

    You can forget this functionality when you buy and PS2.

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