Finally got Yukon running Smoothly

By patrickwellink
December 7, 2004

I tried almost everything to make Yukon run smoothly on my computer but could not make it work fast. Untill i downloaded this patch into my computer. Now everything runs SMOOTH…….

Even the .NET stuff got faster with this patch…………

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  1. I want to use the K8N for a server in combination with a coolermaster stacker box and coolermaster fan. Starting with 3x 200GB (thus ~ 400GB RAID5) and expandable with 3 more in the future (adding 600GB resulting in 1TB). SATA HD’s in software RAID 0,1 and 5 partitions. The system should become my file, mail, massstorage, web, database, etc. server at home. Linking my server my primairy workstation with gigabit for ISO’s, MSDN, etc.

    I would select the MSI if I had to build a workstation. Putting in 3x 120GB 5400RPM disks in RAID 0 to keep the sound down but throughput high. But only if I would have a server that has my documents and multimedia crap stored in a faulttolerant setup.

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