Ok Very BASIC .NET Question

By patrickwellink
November 9, 2004

Ok to all the WASABI guru’s out there that complain there is too much Biztalk on Wasabi.

Is there a way I can place a text over an image in ASP.NET ?

I tried several things. But let me explain a little…….

I have a picture say 3 pixels wide and 200 pixels long, quite like a cigarette. The picture itself is a gradient going from white to blue or whatever colors you fancy. The problem is that only an image control can stretch the image horizontal and repeat vertical.

I want to place text over this image and keep the gradient intact ( where the gradient is stretched over the full 1024 pixels).

I can do this by drawing a table of one cell and give it a background picture. Then put a label in this table and voila. Problem is the image doesn’t stretch.

I have seen zillions of solutions that generate an image with the text in it, but after a screen resize it looks really afwull. How hard can it be to put some text on an image ?

I also tried stuff with

and that worked but then I had to absolutely position the control making it useless for my project.
Tried the CSS but couldnt find what Í was looking for.

Is there any ASP.NET guru/Stylesheet Guru/GuruGuru that can help ?


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  1. Patrick Wellink says:

    Thanks Guys,

    That IS a help. Not that I will use it but it has pushed me to the right direction.

    Thanks for all your care !!!!!!

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