Ok, a .NET question this time

By patrickwellink
October 5, 2004

I have a question ?

Is it possible to create a windows service that performs a specific function. Lets say add two numbers.

Next i want to call the fucntion AddNumbers from a windows forms application.

How hard can this be, So many guru’s around here can anybody point me in the right direction ?



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  1. Paul Gielens says:

    My guess is you want your Windows Service to act as a container for a Math component implementing the AddNumbers function?

    – Expose the service interface using .Net remoting (note that .Net remoting offers no build-in security)

    – Host the Math component in COM+ and generate a proxy referenced by your WinForm client

    – Wire up a web service as the Facade over your Math component

    And Roland is correct, 320 offers a lot of information on how to service functionality.

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