Biztalk Behaviour..

As BizTalk consultants we get a nice surprise every now and then… I had my Surprise Last week.

Here is the situation :

In biztalk we receive a schema, let’s say we receive schema ‘Drivers’, in drivers whe have a name element. The name element is just a string.

Now we map the schema ‘Drivers’ to the Schema ‘F1Drivers’. In the schema ‘F1Drivers’ we have the element ‘DriverName’. The element DriverName can be two values ‘Michael Shumacher’ and ‘Rubens Barichello’.

Ok everything fine until now. We create a map that maps schema ‘Drivers’ to ‘F1Drivers’, we test the map and indeed if the field ‘Name’ in ‘Drivers’ contains ‘Jos verstappen’ the map wil fail and if the name is ‘Michael Shumacher’ the map will succeed.

Now we use the map in an Orchestration. You would expect the map to fail in the orchestration as well but it doesn’t.

This was the point where I scratched some hears of my head… Why didn’t it fail, the resulting xml document was invalid ?

Lucky for me I wasn’t the only consultant with this problem. Thanks to e very helpfull collegue I got hold of a VERY usefull piece of code. The code was posted by the ArchHacker. (Cool XSD Validation Function for Orchestration)

For sure, to make it a really good piece of code I just had to convert it to VB.NET but it works like a charm.
(and I know there are more F1 drivers out there but I just couldn’t think of a name……..)

Ok, a .NET question this time

I have a question ?

Is it possible to create a windows service that performs a specific function. Lets say add two numbers.

Next i want to call the fucntion AddNumbers from a windows forms application.

How hard can this be, So many guru’s around here can anybody point me in the right direction ?



Trouble with BizTalk Isolated host (Help)

I use the SubmitDirect adapter wich runs as an isolated host from within an orchestration.

And then I get the error :

Message:  The Messaging Engine failed to register the adapter for “Submit” for the receive location “Submit://AssetDocsIn”. Please verify that the receive location is valid, and that the isolated adapter runs under an account that has access to the BizTalk databases.            

The component I use to Submit works when used out side of orchestration but  when i try to use the direct adapter in an orchestration i get the error.

Is there anybody ‘Biztalk Guru enough’  to have an answer for this ?

A possible answer for this would be set the host to the Biztalk Host instead of the iIsolated host and recompile the adapter. But i am not sure how to do this…… and I am not sure if it will work either.

Can anybody help ?


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