Why I Like If / Endif

By patrickwellink
August 19, 2004

Sure lot’s of people will laugh at me because I am a VB fan. (You know use If and End if and kiddy stuff like that)

Well read this Nice Article which is about biztalk and a tiny piece of c# code.
Try to read it and spot the error.

If you didn’t notice the error before the explanation Then try the following …….

If ‘You spotted the error at once’ Then
   ‘You are a good C# Programmer’
   ‘Consider switching to VB
End if

Guess everybody understands this one…….

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  1. Nick says:

    Ernst is right; it is Good, disciplined coding practice (in any language) to alwaye use braces. It shouldn’t surprise you so much that someone at M$ has less-than-perfect coding practices!

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