Very Good Biztalk Blog

August 28, 2004 / Comments Off on Very Good Biztalk Blog

Lotsa people already know Martijn Hoogendoorn as a biztalk blogger. He is the author of the pipeline component wizard. And now there is an update to the wizard. Some minor bugs are fixed and…… there is now CODE GENERATION FOR VB.NET !!!!!!

See the article

That’s what I call usefull….

Some things can make a Difference

Well a lot of people will skip reading by now because the word VB.NET is going to be used in the next few lines. But there are ZeeSjarpers out there that really NEED vb. Have a read of this article and see why some people would use VB in a C# program.

Sure sure a lot of people will say ‘I don’t need VB for that I can build the function myself’ and these people are right. But then I can recommend them to write C++ or even better Assembler, then you can build everything yourself.


Why I Like If / Endif

Sure lot’s of people will laugh at me because I am a VB fan. (You know use If and End if and kiddy stuff like that)

Well read this Nice Article which is about biztalk and a tiny piece of c# code.
Try to read it and spot the error.

If you didn’t notice the error before the explanation Then try the following …….

If ‘You spotted the error at once’ Then
   ‘You are a good C# Programmer’
   ‘Consider switching to VB
End if

Guess everybody understands this one…….

Yet another usefull Biztalk Blog

August 11, 2004 / Comments Off on Yet another usefull Biztalk Blog

I was looking for something about transactions in biztalk and found the Blog of Charles Young to be very interesting.

He has some nice posts about transactions in Biztalk, FTP guaranteed delivery and so on.


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